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Friday, November 9, 2018

New Cactus

I've seen these cactus elsewhere but never here so I was surprised to find this specimen.
How did just this one cactus come to be here?
This is a very old cactus too.

Another first was finding fruit on the cactus. 
 I have never seen fruit on this species before.

Closer to home I discovered a horseshoe pit someone built.
Those pads to toss from are cement so they put some work into making this


  1. I see a Canadian flag in the distance.
    Would the fruit on the cactus be edible? By humans or animals?

    1. In most cases with cactus the fruit is edible. Some I have tasted are very sweet. You must remove the skin first which has tiny hair-like spines called glochids. A large number of Canadians come here for the winter.


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