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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Not Fun

The string broke in these shades months ago.  I saved the job of repairing it until I was at our winter home in the desert of Arizona. 
 I've done it once before on a larger shade so I was familiar with the process.

The strings go from the top over to the side, down through the pleats of the shade, crosses over to the other side then down through the pleats of the lower shade, then back over to the first side and out the end caps.  Two sets of strings, two sets of tedious threading through tiny holes on my knees on hard ground.  An hour later and with sore knees, back and elbows...

 ...I got the shade repaired and back together.

Then it was a matter of getting the shade installed back into the RV, screwing it into the wood, overhead, lying on my back, working in cramped quarters.

I earned a beer on this job!


  1. Once while at work I found a broken blind like that in one of the children's bedrooms. I started to repair it without realising what a tedious and long-winded job it would be. Eventually I finished it and stood back to admire my handiwork. Just then my boss came in carrying a brand new blind that she'd just been out to purchase!

  2. Oh my! Now that was funny. Thanks for my morning laugh. 😆

  3. Well done for your dedication to the job in hand. Last time I had a broken blind, I replaced it with one I found in a thrift shop.... cost only $3 if I remember rightly, and it fit perfectly!


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