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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Someone's Trash, My Treasure

I saw this in the dumpster near camp.  A CB radio.  No, I didn't "dive" into the dumpster.  I'm not sure could climb back out.  I fished the radio out with my three-foot long grabber tongs.  Those tongs are good for relocating Sidewinder Rattlesnakes too.  I cleaned it up, hooked it up and it works.  I don't really want a CB radio as I wouldn't want to listen to all that racket.  But it might come in handy as a barter item or just be a nice guy and give it to someone.


  1. Well, that is a great find, why would anyone dump this when it still works?

  2. I guess that the previous owner got fed up with listening to "all that racket" and dumped it for some peace and quiet. However, it might come in very useful. Congratulation on a profitable piece of dumpster diving.

  3. Oh! I remember these! Breaker ten four...

  4. Makes you wonder why they binned it


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