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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Crystal Camp

That is the name for our new camp. 
 I found the three crystals to the right in and near camp in the first few days. 
Size: half an inch for the three on the right, three quarters an inch for the left one.

The jagged crystal has a black/grey tint to it and is called a smokey quartz crystal and rare to find.
Amazingly I found it right in our old camp the day we were preparing to move.
And to think we had been walking over and around it for the past four months.

Now we walk around all the time with our eyes to the ground.
The late afternoon is the best time to find them as the sun lights them up for us to see.

Another crystal I found a few weeks ago on the dirt road near camp.  Cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs had been driving over it for who knows how long.  People go for their walks on this dirt road as do I.
 But there it was.  You never find your fortune by looking into the sky.
Size: one inch long.

Tried to get a better picture of the smokey quartz crystal.


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