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Monday, February 4, 2019

Pigs in a Trailer

One day while out riding my bike I came across what appeared to be an abandoned camp.  There was trash, clothing, garbage, broken tents, food and general debris scattered about.  The reality of it was people were still "living" there as I returned the next day hiking to the site.  Upon arrival the BLM Ranger was there.  We got to talking.  I said how I was here the day before and now some of the food items were missing, the collapsed tent was gone and the fire was still smoldering from the previous evening.  He said it appears the tent had been drug on down to the trailer a hundred yards away.  He said that he encountered the individuals (modern day hippies) earlier in the week and told them they needed to clean up the place.  "Oh we will.  We love the Earth man."  I asked about the trailer in the distance thinking that someone was camped there.  The Ranger told me it was abandoned although he felt it was being inhabited at night for the slide out for sleeping is out whereas a few days earlier it was not.  "I was told it is infested with fleas and bedbugs."  He got into his truck and drove away. 
 I walked down to the trailer.

I opened the door and was greeted with this sight and an indescribable appalling stench. 
 It was all I could do to step inside.  Notice the apples are in good condition.  People have been in here, living, within days.

More food in the Safeway basket.  The container on the counter with the yellow lock tab held beads and jewelry making handcrafts.  It is the only thing I touched while inside.
The over-powering  trash dump/landfill-like smell was getting to me.

The upper right corner is the pop-out slide for sleeping the Ranger remarked about.

I couldn't bring myself to open cabinet doors.
Someone had been sleeping on the bed to the left also.

Drug paraphernalia. 

The pop-out that was closed a few days previously meaning at least one person was sleeping among this filth in the last few days.  Trailer had Washington plates.

Upper portion of the photo you can see the tent I saw a hundred yards back the day before that the Ranger said had been drugged down to the trailer.  The brown tarp, pile of blankets and pillow indicates to me someone slept outside on the ground last night.  Inside the trailer was even too disgusting for this individual to cope with.

Dirt-bag camp number two up next.


  1. We call those caravans over here in the UK but it does have an interesting design with the pop out sleeping compartment. Looks like it needs twong to the trash compactor to me I could not live in a Sh*t heap like that

  2. People actually live like that? With all that disgusting garbage everywhere? No self respect. Looks like a pretty decent trailer if it was cleaned up and fumigated. I hope you didn't pick up any of the livestock by venturing inside.


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