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Friday, February 8, 2019

"We Love the Earth"

Beyond the pig-sty trailer I discovered more abandoned hippie camps in a dense growth of tamarisk trees within a wash.

The general policy with these hippies is to collapse the tent when through with it and walk away.
That is a back pack sitting on the tent among some discarded clothing and one shoe.

Someone just left their guitar case lying nearby.

Two moving pads used as blankets probably and a broken camp chair.
The other shoe too.

Oops, dropped the pack of Q-tips.  Oh well...leave it.

Everywhere is their trash can.

Done with it?  Just leave it.

Another collapsed tent.  
I lost count as to how many there were.

There were many debris filled fire pits.
That's the framework of a camp chair.

One of three tents that were standing; two were currently occupied but the residents weren't home when I happened by.  This one is abandoned though.  Why?

These camps were set up in the shade of the tamarisk trees which happened to be in a wash and when it rains, the water rolls through.  This tent got flooded out with water and mud.

So what do they do?  Go to Walmart and buy another cheap tent?  These hippies must not be hurting for money as to readily abandon tents, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing, shoes, food, guitar cases, etc.
I just walked away incapable of understanding the mentality here...or lack of it.

Update on the pig trailer:  The next day there was a Subaru Outback parked nearby.  One dread-lock guy was sleeping in the front seat, another guy in back with the hatch open.  Standing nearby was a tall blonde girl, nice looking, who really didn't look the part to be with these dirt-bags.  Another woman (I think - she was all bundled up and I couldn't tell for sure) with two dogs came walking over from the tamerisk tent camps.  One guy called out to her "Hey, do you remember anything from last night?" When I came back by after taking the above photos everyone was up and about, going in and out of that vermin infested trailer.  The Subaru was running...just barely.  Sounded like a piston rod was knocking.  The car had Colorado plates.  I may find it abandoned there next.



  1. Don't th elocal police force investigat ethe place from time to time

  2. Totally disgusting, no regard for decency or the environment. And calling them hippies is insulting to real hippies, these people are simply pieces of dirt.
    I wonder what the story is of these people, how did they get into such a state of decay? Do they enjoy their lives? Do they ever plan for the future? I doubt it.

  3. Looks like druggies to me. Use meth and zone out.

  4. These dirtbags get their stuff for free! They steal everything!


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