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Monday, April 15, 2019

A Bargain Deal

I continued on up the canyon from where I found the beavertail in bloom and was surprised to see this van and trailer up there.  The road in was rocky, somewhat of a climb and little room to turn around.  So I planned on congratulating them on dragging this trailer up here.  I was surprised to find that the owner was a lone woman with her little blind dog.  I met Kat.  She was in her 40's I'd guess. I learned that she had just bought the van and trailer only three weeks earlier from two different private parties in California through Craiglist.  She paid $400 for the van and $100 for the trailer.  Yeah, she checked beforehand to make sure neither one was stolen.  The van runs fine and got her here to Arizona with no problems. The trailer is a bit "rough" on the inside but she's making it work and fixing things as she goes along.  She admits she's not all the mechanically inclined but she's not afraid in trying.
 I admire women like her.


  1. Good luck to Kat and her little dog. I admire women with a big dose of "get-up-and-go" too! I wonder if she is planning to travel far or stay in the same area. And what her history is..... why she is travelling alone.

  2. Gotta admire anyone willing to give it a try, John ;)


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