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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bad Planning

We woke up in the morning to snow falling.  We could stay put for the day but the forecast called for temperatures at 25 degrees (-4C) the upcoming night.  Dying a frozen death at a lonely rest stop along a desolate Nevada highway isn't my way of checking out.  I decided to drive the remaining 190 miles to the Utah border in the rain and snow.  Really, I should have pressed on yesterday.    

I'm not comfortable driving in these conditions mainly because I have done so very little in my life.  After an hour or so I relaxed some.  If it got no worse than this, I can do it.

We made it half way to Elko, Nevada with no mishaps and stopped for a bite to eat.  
No Beans, we're not going out."

The next stretch to Wells, Nevada was my biggest concern as the forecast called for snow all day being over 6000 feet in elevation.  I checked the hourly forecast predictions and reasoned the sooner I got through there the better as the snow would not have a chance to build up.  As it was I hit it just right with no snow falling as we motored over the passes.  Pure dumb luck on my part. 
 I honestly was able to enjoy the scenery too.

We made it to our known camp site near the Bonneville Salt Flats just over the Nevada/Utah border right at tea time.  No snow, no rain, and sunny skies predicted for tomorrow.  
We may rest here for a day or two.  We earned it.


  1. That is a bad surprise the sudden snow!

  2. I don't like driving in snow and I am used to it! Glad you had no problems!

  3. Glad you made it there with no mishaps. Since my accident, I find a fear bad weather more than I used to...and I just broke my leg. Not a car accident.

  4. Yikes....we were going to head to Utah on our trip last week and saw how much snow was falling up there and decided to just head home. Used to live in Salt Lake City (in my youth), so have seen how much snow can fall in the Spring...never fun to drive in.


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