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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Beans Saves Our Bacon

It was dark and I was in bed trying to go to sleep. Meanwhile Beans is up front messing around. "Beans! Stop it!"  Groan.  I climb out of bed, go up front and pull back the curtain. I see the dash lights on.  What did she do now?  Then I remember driving through the snowstorm with the headlights on.  I didn't turn them off when we arrived at camp!  Five hours had past.  Oh no!  I turned the key.  Raump.  The motor turned over once and that was it.  Battery dead.  There is a button low down on the dashboard.  Supposedly in cases like this, you push it to 'on' and the coach batteries will jump start the engine battery.  I had never used this button before.  I pushed, turned the key and it started right up.  Whew!  Thank you Dodge.  Thank you Beans!  I fed her extra food and crawled back in bed while the idling motor charged the battery back up.

I thought driving yesterday would give The Little House on the Highway a bath but it is only dirtier.  Well, the bug splats are gone at least.

It is so beautiful here, very peaceful and quiet.

Looking east the camera just cannot capture the vastness here.  Can you imagine being an immigrant pioneer coming out of those mountains in the far distance and seeing all of this you have yet to travel and you are still over 500 miles away from your goal, California, but you don't know that?


  1. Good ol' Beans! At least the pioneers didn't have batteries to worry about.

  2. WOW that was a lot of surprising snow! Reminds me of my drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff in the snow a couple of years ago, and I was dressed in my capri pants and sandals, thank goodness I didn't have to get out of the car! Good old Beans saves the day! I notice your vehicle is diesel powered. Is it easy to find diesel fuel everywhere? And is it more expensive than regular gasoline?

  3. So it charges itself? What a great idea.

  4. I wonder if there is anybody that drives that hasn't forgot to turn the lights off at least once! So glad you had the boost it needed to start it.

  5. Yay, Beans!!! That investment in kibble has paid off at last !!! Huzzah


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