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Friday, May 31, 2019

How I Get Mail

Loma, Colorado

I get very little mail of any importance.  These days everything comes through online.  But when there is something like in this case my repaired eyeglasses and new Discover credit card, I have it sent General Delivery.  I'll find a small little country town post office and have it sent there.  I detest standing in lines so this is why small little post offices.  Ha!  I had to stand in line anyway here.  Two farmers were in ahead of me and they were discussing being two weeks late on their hay harvest due to the wet weather. 


  1. Small towns are goid for a lot of things...my kids come and use our Bureau of motor vehicles a lot because of the waiting being less, plus the girls that work there are just so nice.

  2. Now I want to see more of this little town.


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