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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Moving On

Klondike Bluffs,
North of Moab, Utah

We have been here for two weeks now and it is time to move on.  There is a 14-day stay limit although I have never see anyone from the BLM enforcing that rule in all the free public land stays we've done throughout the southwest. 

One of those 50 plus year old "archaeological artifacts" that you are not to bother in any way.

                                                     But two weeks is about fine with me.  
       Usually I need to resupply a few food items plus I get antsy to move on to a new place anyway.

We survived the Memorial Day weekend pretty well here too.
It didn't get jam-packed crowded as I can well imagine our previous place at Willow Springs would have been.  No ATV'ers here, just mountain bikers.

But for sure next time we are in this area we will stay at Klondike Bluffs again.


  1. That last shot sure emphasizes the open spaces....it was interesting to read about the artifacts in the earlier post.

  2. The pink flower is a thistle, actually part of the sunflower family. The genus name, “Cirsium”, is from the Greek “kirsion” meaning “swollen vein” because one species was used to treat swollen veins.


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