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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Boating on the Yellowstone

Columbus, Montana

I sit along the shore and watch the rafters go by.  Rafting companies put in upstream and pull out at the boat ramp a hundred yards downstream from our camp.

Kayakers do likewise.  One kayaker came by late in the day and asked me where the boat ramp was.  He had put in at Livingston in the morning, 87 miles away!  He was ready to call it done!
I don't think I'd be comfortable sitting like that in a kayak.
My back would be hurting.

Occasionally a dory style boat will pass.

But I did not ever expect to see this.
I asked her how far she had come and she said they just went in at the upper end of the campground.
I've since seen people just float by wearing only a life jacket.  They get in upstream and ride the current down to the boat ramp, walk back up and do it again.
Now that I would like to do more so than in a boat.
At least on a board like this pooch.


  1. You should get Beans out there to cheer up that dog. I'm surprised the water isn't too cold for swimming. Hard to imagine 87 miles in a kayak!

    1. The girl was wearing a wetsuit although the life jacket floaters are not. Amazingly the water isn't too cold for me to not get in all the way and I DONT LIKE cold. I would definitely invest in a wetsuit if I lived here and floated the river all the time.


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