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Friday, August 2, 2019

Honey's Park - part 1

Arco, Idaho

After leaving Camp Perfect I needed to do some food shopping in Rexburg and then stop at a laundromat I used two years ago in Arco at an RV park.  Our next destination was too far to drive after all of the errands so I found a free place in town to stay.  Better than paying $44 at the RV park.

I darn near missed the sign to turn in at.  
Hard to tell here but the HONEYS sign is about three by ten inches in size.

Guess its down this dirt alley...?

Yep, there's the sign.

Hmm...an information board.

Oh! I guess I better read it.
Now if you Google that term its ambiguous as to the meaning depending if you read it as one word or two.  One word, not nice.  Two words, okay.  
Being as he used a capitol W we'll give him the benefit of doubt. 
Personally, I like the one word interpretation.

Good grief!  The writing is so small.  I can barely read it.
I was trying to read it from the driver's seat.  I didn't want to have to climb out.
Didn't matter, I could't make much sense of it anyway.

No worry.  I have no intention on driving any faster than that on this rough pot hole laden road.

State of the art security system.  
That's a good sign.


  1. You could say any port in a storm, does not look very welcoming

  2. Hmmm... watch out for the shot gun. How did you find out about this place? And did you meet Honey?

  3. I have that exact same trail camera, made by Foxelli. In fact I had two on Mt. Tam, but one was stolen about a week ago. Good camera.


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