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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Honey's Park - part 2

Arco, Idaho

So we got settled.  Just park anywhere...I guess?

It wasn't like they were packing them in here. 
 My neighbor, the one and only other tenant.

The camp host compound.  
Guess I should walk over and say 'Hi'.  See if I am parked in an okay spot too.
Notice the green box along the side of his bus.  That is his refrigerator.  You can help yourself to free beer inside.  All he asks is you replace what you take.

On the way over to say Hi I was stopped by this sign.  
Yeah, I stood there for the longest time. 
It left me scratching my head trying to make sense of it.

He offers free electrical hook-ups but there is no water or dump facility hook-ups.
Then the sign made sense. If you park and block the hookup (not using it) then someone else can't plug into it and its not costing him any money to his electric bill.
It was all part of his sarcastic sense of humor.

He also offers free wifi with a password not hard to remember.
Yes, it worked and was fast.

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  1. And all for free! That is quite a collection vehicles in the host compound. What was the actual owner like?


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