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Monday, August 12, 2019

The Invisible Logging Road

Sun Valley, Idaho

During the day I would sit in camp looking across the valley and see this zig-zag line going up the mountain.  For sure it had to be an old logging road.  If I could find the road it would be easier going climbing the mountain.  So I set out to do that one day.

Most of the slopes are of this 45 degree angle, not that easy for an old man.  Also I would like to point out that the lighter green colored landscape isn't easy to walk through.  It is made up of dense knee high sagebrush, stickery weeds and thick grasses.

I opted for the shallower slope leading into the forest where there is no thick ground cover plus being in the shade is a plus.  I climbed into the forest, angled to the left, crossed the open ground surely thinking I would find the logging road.  It was nowhere to be found.  I didn't know if I was too high up or too low.  I gave up and fought my way through the dense open growth back to camp disappointed and hungry.

I thought about it some and felt if I could find where the logging road comes out onto the asphalt road that would be smarter.  I rode my bike up the road and found what I thought the only likely place it could be.  The next day I set off on foot up the paved road.  The 'likely place' fizzled out right away.  
As I climbed into the woods all I had to choose from were animal trails.  

I worked my to the right back out in the open and there was no logging road, again not know if I was too high up or too low.   Disappointed yet again I sat in the shade at the base of a big tree, ate my protein bar, drank some water and enjoyed the view.  I wasn't looking forward to beating the brush back down but at least gravity would help me along.  As I descended I kept looking back at the big tree to get an idea where I took my break.
That's us right in the middle of the photo.

Here you can see an x.  That is the tree where I sat down for my break.  I had been sitting right on the so-called "logging road"!  Now I felt better knowing that there never was a logging road; that the zig-zag line was nothing more than the natural slope and ledges of the mountainside.
But you wouldn't know that by looking at it from this angle on the valley floor.

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  1. That certainly does look like a zigzag road going up the slope. You did get up quite high, and you captured some great views across the valley.


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