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Monday, September 9, 2019


Losee Canyon, Utah

Upon waking in the morning I was surprised to find I wasn't limping around as I was the evening before.  This is good.  We were packed and ready to move out that morning.  Beans wanted to go for one last walk an so we did.  While out I heard voices.  I spotted some people high up on the canyon rim.  How did they get up there?  Back at camp I pulled up a satellite image of the area.  It just ate at me that I was confused about that trail I wanted the other day.  And then I thought I found it on the image.  We were in no hurry to go nowhere so I decided to go look for the trail one last time.

Here is the scene from the trail head parking lot.  Two days earlier I had followed the sign to Losee Canyon Trail just to the right of the horse loading dock.  
Look at that sign on the left!  I had walked right by it that day.


Early on the trail was this and I have do idea what it was.  The opening I guess I could barely crawl through if I wanted to get dirty.  I didn't.  The ceiling was open save for those limbs.

See the bear sitting back enjoying the morning sunrise?

The trail was so steep in parts that stairs were constructed.

A woman with a funny dress and hat?

I found my way to the canyon ledge where those people were standing.  Beans and I were on the road.  The Little House on the Highway is the white speck in the trees just before the open area on the right.

There was a nice view with the little town of Panguitch out there somewhere.

And so now I was absolutely sure I was on the trail that I had hiked two years ago.
And I was very happy plus my injury wasn't bothering me except for leaking some blood.
No big deal.

This is what I remembered and the fact that I was able to enjoy features as seen in Bryce Canyon without all the annoying people.  Yes, I had the trail all to myself. 

Portions of the trail was like walking on marbles on a gradual slope leading off into the abyss.
Great fun.

There were quite a few of these windows.

And too spires or hoodoos as they are called.

You can see the narrow bridge here.  It looked like some fools had climbed out onto it to have their picture taken.  This fool did not.  Besides there wasn't anyone to take the picture for me anyway.  
If there were, I still would NOT!

But this is what I love about these off the beaten path hiking trails.  There are no barriers and no signs anywhere warning you to Stay Back, Do Not Go Beyond This Point or Danger.
You are responsible for your own stupidity. 

This is a narrow fin as they are called.  Two more are in the distance going cross ways.
The photo doesn't really show the uniqueness of these formations.

This was very tall and just amazing that it was standing like it was.
For how much longer though?

And so my quest was fulfilled.  I was very glad I saw those people and tried one more time to find what I knew just had to be somewhere around here. I had laid in bed that night trying to think where else we had been that there could be a trail like what I had in my head.  I couldn't come up with anything.

On the way out I saw this.  
Yep, I walked right by it and never saw it.  
So if you want to travel and hike with someone who can't see the signs around him, 
I'm your guy.

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  1. All I can say is WOW! I'm so glad you found the trail. Those rocks are worth seeing. Absolutely spectacular. How high up did you climb?


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