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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fredonia, Arizona

We spent the night in Cedar City, Utah in the Home Depot parking lot, a lot quieter than the next door Walmart parking lot.  After buying supplies in Walmart the following morning we headed off to our next destination, two and a half hours away.  Crossing over into Arizona (damn, I have to change the clocks now) we stopped in Fredonia for a break.  Beans seems to have found an interesting smell.
I don't want to know.

If you ever have ever seen the Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup
Fredonia was a major part in the movie.  
This was not that Fredonia.

But the area around here has an important part in the history of America.

It was 93 degrees (34c) and quite toasty compared to where we had been the last few weeks.
Nothing like what these poor folks were going through though, so I won't complain.

We left Fredonia and climbed up into the higher elevations for our next homesite.
"Beans, why must you get up there while I'm trying to find a spot to park?"
Because I am Beans the Cat, that's why.  
Besides, you can never make up your mind.  You need my help.

Spot number two.  We woke up in spot number one drenched in shade.  We need morning sun to warm up.  We are at 7932 feet (2418m) in elevation, much cooler than Fredonia, and about forty miles from the Grand Canyon, North Rim.  We'll go there sometime next week to view all the tourists.


  1. She looks quite at home, up there on the dash directing operations.

  2. Maybe Beans was looking for a viaduct. Why a duck? Why a no chicken? Love the Marx Brothers.

  3. Whats with these cats....Sammy gets excited when he senses a change approaching, too. He's still a kitten, but a full grown one, and thinks sitting on my head is the place to be as I go through a city or back into a site etc....sigh. So interesting reading these signs. Have fun on the North side (shhh, don't tell anyone about that side of the canyon...my fave)


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