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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Injury Update (no gorey pictures)

A couple days after the crash I was cleaning up getting ready for bed.  I was having a hard time scrubbing the dirt off from my foot.  I put on my glasses to see why.  It was then I saw that my ankle was swollen and discolored.  Huh! Guess that's why the "dirt" won't come off.  It was bruising.  
Its doing fine.  Just going to take a long while for the new skin growth to come in.

Some odds and ends photos

Our last evening before leaving the Bryce Canyon area.

Driving up the road to the high altitude of Cedar Breaks Beans was meowing, left my lap and got up on the dash.  I think the change in altitude was making her ears pop and she didn't like that.  
I guess animals experience the same thing as we do with rapid changes in altitude.

At the beginning of my 'Eureka moment' trail at Losee Canyon was this mushroom. 
Just something you wouldn't expect to find in this rocky dry environment. 

One of those trees living in a less than ideal location.

No words needed. 


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