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Sunday, September 22, 2019

North Rim Grand Canyon pt.3

I walked by the Visitor Center twice and didn't see it.  I consulted my map.  
Found it.

I wanted something to signify the North Rim from the card I have in the RV from the Grand Canyon in general.  I found only one postcard and this 3-D magnet.  I didn't realize until putting together this post that the magnet is of the Visitor Center sign, right down to the same exact rocks in the foreground.  Somehow they were able to change the wording.

Inside the lodge.
The regular dining room menu was to small to photograph.
Pricey but hey, they have to truck in all that fancy food.

I didn't see anything advertising room rates.
Don't think I'd want to do this.  I'd rather hike it...but...
my knees were bothering me on the downhills of the trail from yesterday's post.
I guess I missed my time.

I went in their "saloon" for an espresso drink.

It was so-so.

On October 16 they shut everything down, close up shop and vacate until next year.
The road in is closed at Jacob Lake.


  1. Hiking downhill is definitely harder on the knees and the toes! I don't think I would take a mule ride, I would be feeling too sorry for the poor mule.

  2. Always find the trip downhill more challenging than uphill...even when my knees were much younger. Enjoy the NR, John. Wish we were there, too....maybe next year....a girl can wish :)

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