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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What a Difference a Year Makes

Grand Canyon, South Rim

We were here at this time exactly one year ago.
Where are all the people?

I have to admit that I like the South Rim better for the view is much more expansive.

The haze wasn't as bad this day.
In case you missed my reply to a comment about the haze from the North Rim, it has been an on-going problem in the Grand Canyon for several decades now.  There was an informative sign at the North Rim explaining how the haze is there most days.  It is from nearby coal-fired power plants, mining, increased vehicle traffic and even smog being blown in from southern California.

Yes this I can tolerate.

I thought I might have a photo from last year taken at this location but the closest I had was the pathway leading to it.  You still can get an idea of the difference in visitor flow.

Catching the sun just right in a window.


  1. I just wrote a comment and then my internet konked out, it does that a lot.
    You were there on a perfect day. just look at that blue sky! Perhaps it depends on the day of the week for the crowds, You might have been there nearer the weekend last time.

  2. Such a lovely area. I hate the crowds, too, but those don't look so bad. Great shot of the tower.


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