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Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Whole Lot of Nothing Going On

Quartzite, Arizona

Here we are two and a half weeks later and they still do not have the stickers for the 2020 season to sell in order to live here up to April.  Everyone (there's not that many yet) is staying for free and able to use the trash, water and dumping facilities.  Beans and I are still at the same spot.  
No one has moved in near us and it is pretty peaceful and quiet overall.

Beans was finally able to get her first lizard of the season a couple days ago.
It eventually got away.

Lizard hunting is tough work.


  1. Set up a post in the middle of that medicine wheel and create a sundial.
    I think that blankie is the perfect camouflage colour for Beans.

  2. Wow, bad for them financially, but great for you all. Beans looks so happy and at peace. Wish you continued good luck...enjoy your day!


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