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Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Vulture Mine Rd.
Wickenburg, Arizona

The not-so-good thing about this location is all the cholla cactus.  This is where Beans first learned about cholla two years ago.  She had only been with me on the road for a few months and this was her first experience in the desert.  She got some stickers in her paw and it didn't go too well.  Now she knows whatever I do for her is for her well being and is much more tolerant of me getting stickers out.  We stay on the road for the most part for our walks and she's real good about that as if she really understands what going off into the brush will do.

The other thing about this location is the cell service comes and goes and is very weak.
But this time there is a third and much bigger issue.  Recent rains just before we arrived produced a bumper crop of those tiny annoying little black flies that bite leaving an itchy red spot.  
These flies are no bigger than the tip of a pin.

On a similar topic, my injury on the bike four and one half weeks ago is now healed with the last of the scab falling away.  It took that long.  I can't tell yet if there will be a scar as the fresh new meat is still pink.  Anyway I got off pretty well.  A friend recommended that I get some of this stuff.
Hope I never need it but there's some in my kit on the bike now.

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