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Friday, October 11, 2019


Vulture Mine Rd.
Wickenburg, Arizona

Coming back from a hike I walked along the highway and came across this.  My first thought seeing "Chief" was that he was a Native American from this area.  Then the F and D and the flames Oh, he must have been with the fire department.  I looked him up back at camp.

He was a fire chief and he died riding his Harley on this road.  Well its not like there's a shortage of warning signs along this stretch of twisty road (there's a lot more on around the bend) and the speed limit is down all the way to 20 mph through here; it's that dangerous. 
 It doesn't take much imagination as to what ol' Bill did wrong that day.


  1. R.I.P. Chief Bill. Cut down in his prime by his own stupidity. That's a very fancy memorial!

  2. Maybe they installed the signs AFTER he died. They put them up because of his accident.

  3. Found this: "At 48 years young Bill was taken from us tragically while riding his bike through Vulture Mine road coming back from Wickenburg. The preliminary accident report revealed the possibility that he may have lost control coming around a corner and slid into the oncoming lane. At which point he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. He was wearing a helmet although, the injuries were so severe that he was pronounced on-scene."


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