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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New Neighbors

Quartzite, Arizona

One day this big rig moved in across the way from us, not as close as this first photo appears. I watched as he set up camp which took all of the next day and then some.  They were from Minnesota.  I couldn't believe all the crap I saw him unload out from the back end of his six-wheeled trailer: one full sized Harley Davidson motorcycle, a smaller dirt bike, a small ATV and then a BIG ATV, plus two bicycles. There is the SUV car also which his wife drove separately.  In addition to those two shade structures are chairs, two tables, a big master chef barbecue and untold number of storage boxes no doubt filled with more crap.

Everything was fine and entertaining to watch until he started up his music.  I don't want to hear that!
Enjoy the sounds of Nature people!
I decided to move.  It was okay as you will see in the next post.


  1. That's a lot more stuff than I've got in my house!

  2. Music too? That's pretty thoughtless.
    What's the metal structure at the base of the big cactus?

    1. That is their "clothes line" which the winds blew over. Considering everything they have no doubt she has a washing machine inside. There probably was no room left for a dryer so she's having to go old style. Tough life.

  3. Looks like the one shade structure is a garage. Are the wheel covers and covers on the RV's roof to protect from dust?

  4. The wheel covers are typical keeping the harsh desert sun from cooking the tires. I use them although mine are pretty ratty looking in comparison. The covers up top usually people do when they store their rigs. In his case I have no idea why he has them on now. I could see if it was freezing cold as it would help hold in the heat.


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