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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Not-So-New Neighbors

Quartzite, Arizona

These folks moved in several days after we arrived.  They are from Idaho.  Everything they have looks brand new.  I see them pulling things out from boxes and unwrapping them.  Sometimes they are gone for the day and return later with more new items.  I suspect the trailer is new also.  I watch them stumble along trying to do everything.  Hooking up the new sewer hose to the new portable holding tank is really a spectacle to watch.  I guess the first time there was a back splash of sewage that drenched the guy's clothing and he some got onto his face and eyes.  I missed that but I certainly heard it.  See, that is where the problem lies with these people.  The woman is crazy.  She yells, screams and curses at her poor brow-beaten husband all the time.  He's meek as a mouse and takes all the abuse without a word.  She'll yell "you stupid moron, you idiot" and so on with every other word a foul curse word which I'll leave to your imagination.  Sometimes she lets loose on their little dog as if it has any idea what she's ranting about.  I'll add that she's probably the ugliest woman I have seen in a very long time too.

So when Mr. Minnesota (previous post) caused me to move, I was ready anyway for I had grown tired of listening to this crazy woman.  Thank you Mr. Musicman.


  1. What a shame that you have to keep moving to another site just because of troublesome neighbours. I hope you find a peaceful place well away from loud music and that annoying virago. The brow-beaten husband and the little dog would probably like to move with you.

  2. At first, it sound like an amusing watch for the experienced and not doubt a relief to get away from them. Did you think about kidnapping the man, then setting him free? Poor guy!

    1. No but I DID think about how could I take her for a long ride out into the middle of the desert and leave her there. I now have a better understanding why murder is so common among spouses.


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