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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Petco and Taco Bell

Phoenix, Arizona

In big towns I make a stop at Petco to buy quality food for Beans, otherwise I am stuck with buying junk food such as Friskies.  The good stuff I buy is grain free Merrick  (I used to get it for Sinbad too) but it seems Petco isn't carrying the variety of flavors as before.  I asked about this while at the Petco in Idaho.  The lady said they may be phasing it out and suggested Tiki Cat.  Her cats love it she told me.  So I thought I'd give it a try here in Phoenix.  Changing food for a cat is always a crap shoot.  Will they like it or not?  So I bought one each of what I thought she'd like in small 2.8 ounce cans.  Now I need to tell you this store had two what looked like pit bull "pups" penned up near the registers hoping someone would adopt them.  These two mutts were constantly barking an ear piercing bark.  It was painful and there was no escaping it anywhere in the store.  I held my hands over my ears while paying for the Tiki Cat at the register.  I might add the employees were NOT happy about the commotion either.  Back in the peace and quiet of the RV I realized I didn't have a lid to place on these smaller style cans.  I'd have to go back into the store.  I finally found the lids, grabbed one and with my ears ringing returned to the register.  I was stunned to see I was being charged $3.25 for this tiny piece of plastic!  I just wanted out of there away from that infernal barking.  
I paid for the lid and ran out the store.

That was the beginning of the shopping day in Phoenix.  There are about six Walmarts in the Phoenix area, none of which allow overnight parking due to a city ordinance.  Thank you Phoenix for being so welcoming to travelers.  I drove to nearby Buckeye and stayed at the Walmart Camper Village there.  By now I was HOT, TIRED and THIRSTY.  A lemonade sounded good.  Next to us was a Taco Bell.  I don't eat their food but a drink is a drink.  I went inside and told the kid I just wanted a medium size drink.  He set the cup on the counter and said with a smile "Take it". 
 "Really?! Wow, thank you!"

The kind gesture on the part of this kid made me feel better about buying that cat food can lid.
Oh, and does Beans like Tiki Cat?  She LOVES it!
Two wins for the day!

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  1. That was a nice gesture on behalf of Taco Bell. I've never eaten there but now I will look on their stores more fondly!!!!


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