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Friday, October 25, 2019

Stinky Pete's Today

Quartzite, Arizona

So just to remind you, this was Stinky Pete's Emporium and Gift Shop early this year.
After 20 years of service to the community the town of Quartzite condemned the place.  
I can't imagine why.
When we left Quartzite in March the place had been pretty much scraped away clean.
So I was excited to return this year and see what new was on this prime piece of real estate.

Was I disappointed?
You bet!
I was hoping for a Dollar Tree, Petco or maybe even a Walmart.

They could at least allow us to use the space to park in for the cramped grocery store next door.
But noooo...that would make some sort of sense, so let's block it off.

I'll do some investigating over the winter 
and see if I can come up some good rumors as to what will be done Stinky Pete's lot.

Just being silly on what I was hoping for. 
The reality is that there isn't much that could survive in this town for the entire year.


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