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Monday, October 14, 2019

Temporary Winter Residence

Quartzite, Arizona

It wasn't my plan to arrive here this early but like last year the cold weather up north pushed us here.  This year we arrived one day earlier than last year.  I'll blame that on the flies.

Here we can stay where there is water, trash dumpsters and sewage disposal from Sept. 15 through to April 15 all for only $180.  There are free places on BLM land also but you are limited to a 14-day stay and then must move on to somewhere else at least 25 miles distant.  That is what I used to do years past.  Last year was the first time I paid the $180 and it was nice not having to move all the time.  So I plan to do that from now on.  That's like $26 a month rent with free utilities.  Pretty nice.

Upon arrival I found this notice.  So I couldn't buy my sticker but could still stay.  

I decided to stay at the southern location for I needed to fill up the water tank there. It is the only one with water.  Rather than move to our permanent home elsewhere only to have to break camp and bring the RV in to get my sticker, I'll just stay put and when I get the sticker move on to our permanent location north of here.

This will be full of snowbirds in a few weeks.

Right now it is to our liking.  
Beans is happy.

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