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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Waiting for Their Return

Quartzite, Arizona

People have been coming here for years, 
many of them returning to the very same spots they left behind in early spring.

There is an unwritten code of etiquette here in the desert.  People generally do not move in and squat on what appears as "developed" land.  They know the same people will be returning along with the friends they've made from years past.  The desert is huge.  There are lots of open space to camp.

There are hundreds of these "developed" sites waiting for their residents to return.  It must be a pretty nice feeling to return "home" seeing the little spot you made for your carpet and shade cloth still there just as you left it five or six months ago.


  1. You'll have to work on some stone art to mark your spot as you have now become a returning camper. How about a portrait of Beans leaping onto a lizard, all depicted in coloured pebbles, I'd pay good money to see that!!!!!!

    1. No, I'm too much of a nomad moving around from place to place each year. I like new and different.


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