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Saturday, November 30, 2019

A Diamond Back Lizard?

Quartzite, Arizona

I first thought this was a snake, diamond back rattlesnake, but then found the legs.  

I think a snake would have been better.

Nearby was a small maze. 
I wonder how they get it so exact.


  1. I love all these rock sculptures, if that is the right word to describe them. Using natural materials and making art that doesn't disturb the peacefulness of the desert. I can imagine visitors from other planets seeing these and scratching their heads trying to discern the hidden message.
    There are some places here in Beaverhead County that have giants imaged in rocks. Huge creations from many centuries ago. They are on private property and not well known nor are they advertised. I only discovered this information when I was researching early roads here.

  2. Designed and created by intergalactic travellers I think.


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