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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Global Cooling

Quartzite, Arizona

Early this past week it was in the mid 80's and I was running around in short pants.  Then the weather forecast called for rain off and on for two days mid week.  The temperatures dropped to the mid 60's with no sign of it ever getting any warmer than that in the future.  Daily winds of varying velocities makes it seem much colder.  I don't like it.  Those from the upper northern states and Canada are still going about their business wearing shorts and t-shirts. Show-offs!  When I saw more rain forecasted for Thanksgiving day and the high temperatures dropping to the low 50's from then on, I gave up. 
 I finally dug out all my cold weather gear (flannel lined jeans, sweatshirts, long underwear, gloves of all types of material and thickness, knit caps, etc.) then packed all my regular clothing away until sometime next year if I survive this winter that is.  I didn't sign on for this!
Yes, I know it is worse everywhere else in the nation and I try to keep that in mind.


  1. The weather change comes always unexpected, earlier than you wish. The same happened here from one day to another the temperatures dropped to zero.

  2. Still shorts weather here in San Francisco this weekend, but it's supposed to finally rain (and probably get chilly) this coming week. Would it be too crazy to keep heading south into Mexico? It must be warm somewhere!

  3. No wonder you don't want to visit Canada!


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