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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

S K P (escapee)

Quartzite, Arizona

It is safe enough (during the day) to let Beans roam around outside on her long lead unsupervised.  One afternoon I was inside making a sandwich while she was inspecting her rodent holes.  Eventually she came knocking on the screen door wanting in.  "Hold on, I'm coming."  I opened the screen door and in she came...minus her harness.

She had gotten hung up around the front wheel and slipped out of her harness.  
With her newfound freedom she didn't wander off but came to the door instead.  
"Dad, let me in."
She's such a good cat.


  1. Sweet Beans, she will not leave you :)

  2. Beans knows she has a good home. Also letting you know a harness on a cat can always be escaped. Was it a tuna sandwich? :)

    1. Thank you Penelope for following along on our blog and your comments. Since you're new just would like to let you know that while we are stationary for the winter in the desert of Arizona blog posts don't happen daily and are not much of anything noteworthy. Once we are on the move again next March then we'll be seeing and experiencing more on a daily basis and the blog will reflect that. We hope you'll be along with us then.

  3. She knows that you have the can opener!


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