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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A Water Run

I use fresh filtered water for my drinking and coffee and tea making.  Water for cooking I use what is on board the RV and it goes through a water filter.  Gracie comes in handy for refilling these bottles.  In the past I would have to break camp and go shopping on the RV.  It cost 30 cents a bottle to refill.  Or I can get a new filled bottle at the store for one dollar.  What would you do?  
Four jugs fit just right in my carrier.  I'll run a bungee cord through the white strap handles when empty for the four and a half mile ride into town.  On the way back the weight of the water is enough to keep them in place, unless I go too fast over a bump and one flies out like what happened on this run.  I hit that bump, looked back and just caught the jug before it left the basket. 
 I have to admit I was impressed with myself on that save.  

Here's your Beans picture for today


  1. I'd have probably caught the bottle and fallen off the bike. Your companion looks as cute as ever.

  2. Kitty do likes Your shoes! :))))
    Do you have buy water!!!!Wow!

    1. If I want pure untainted fresh drinking water that has been purified by reverse osmosis methods, yes I have to buy it. I don't drink the polluted swill that comes from the faucet.


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