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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Canned Condensed Milk

This not unusual to find wandering around the desert.  Back in the day it was the only means to pack in milk for whatever reason you needed some milk.  I just wished I knew when "back in the day" was.  The cans never have a date of any kind stamped in them..  That is because back in the day no one ever cared about expiration dates yet every one survived.  
I recently came across an article explaining the difference between best by dates and expiration dates.  The article went on to say that these items were still good to use by the listed time periods beyond their stated best by date.
Bread - one week
Milk - a week past, maybe two
Eggs - five weeks
Cheese - six weeks
What is the furthest you have ever eaten something past their best by date?
I don't pay attention.  If it looks good and smells okay, its fair game.
Expiration dates are for the weak.

Here is today's Beans picture.


  1. I wonder how long it would take for one of those rusty cans to completely disintegrate?
    I don't take much notice of best before dates, however I just cleaned out my basement freezer and threw lots of stuff out.... 3 or 4 years over the BB date is a bit too long.
    Eggs keep a long time in the fridge. I throw bread out at the first sign of green mould. The squirrels appreciate it. Cheese.... I just cut the green bit off.
    Beans is a very fortunate kitty.

  2. I dont like those cans in nature..Here in Norway they have stopped making those cans..everything is in paper boxes..but i remember a milk called Viking Milk It could last for months and months!!
    BTW Your cat is very handsome..I quess it is a male one since it is called Beans..I see you take good care of it.Beautiful fur

    Bye Bye!

    1. Beans is a female. All tortoiseshell cats are female. Rarely one will be a male (1 in 3000) and he will be sterile. It is a chromosome thing for this coloration to occur requiring two X chromosomes. Tortoiseshell is the coloration within certain breeds of cats, not a breed unto itself. Viking Milk, I like that. I can get this boxed milk here that has a six month plus shelf life until you open it. I keep a couple boxes on hand just in case I'm somewhere far from a store.

  3. I'm trying to learn how to determine the date of manufacture (approximate) of old rusty cans I run across in the desert. Found a small dump last week with a bunch of rusty cans with solder holes in the bottom. I think those might be quite old. I was reading something about the canning process back in the day... bring the contents to a boil, then solder the small opening shut.

  4. I am well past my "Best By" date and yet I am still fresh as a daisy. Haha!
    I think most food items will be okay past the use by date. If it looks okay and smells okay, it is probably fine.
    Beans should be getting top dollar for her beautiful cat pics. You could be her agent.
    I urge you to watch Dr. John Campbell on YouTube about the coronavirus. He is a well respected Dr and is not selling anything. YouTube is not paying him for this series. He also explains complicated terms so they can be understood by non medical folks. Stock up on water and order cat chow while it is still possible to get a shipment. The window is closing.


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