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Saturday, February 29, 2020

I'm Cheap

I was asked in the comments recently what I was reading.  It's been asked before what I like to read so I thought I'd address that. I have several types of interests for reading.  History, travel and mystery or crime novels mostly.  On the latter I recently discovered cozy mysteries which are less violent.  And then there are the apocalyptic books.  I do like reading surviving in a world that no longer exists stories.  I'll have as many as three books going at once.  One on my Paperwhite Kindle, the Kindle app on my iPad and my favorite, a good old hold-in-your-hand book you get to actually flip pages.  Now all of these I come by for free.  I never buy any.  That's the I'm Cheap part.

So with the apocalyptic stories, everything came to an end because of some catastrophe of some sort.  A nuclear war, an EMP and of course a good old plague of some unknown virus.  With the plague stories there are usually zombies involved.  I'd much rather have it be like Stephen King's The Stand which was zombie-less.  Nevertheless if there are zombies in the story so be it.   

Now a lot of these free books are Book Number One of a series the author wrote.  He puts the first one out there to get you hooked into buying the following books so you can find out how everything goes.  Usually the first books are the better and towards the end the story goes kind of wonky.
 I'm always good with letting it go there.  That is until I read this book.

The story goes as if you are reading our hero's journal.  I liked the author's witty and humorous style in the journal and for that reason I went ahead and purchased the download for Book Number Two.  First time I ever bought one for the Kindle remember, and I've got dozens and dozens of downloads on it.  I wasn't disappointed and am now currently in Book Number Three (the final) with no regrets spending the $4.99 on each.  In fact, I hate to see it end so I started another eBook set in 1890 England and am hooked on it.

I'll get back to dealing with zombies later.
I will add I enjoy enjoy reading stories with a strong female character the most be she a woman traveling alone, a detective or private eye, or a woman surviving in a world gone mad even if there are zombies involved causing her problems.


  1. Iam not so good in English so please exuse me bad spelling..Thank you very much for the tips around the books..i have seen many Movies From Stephen King and read books of him..He has done many many good publications..Still remember very well The Shining !(and now looking at the outcast )

    So I think the walking dead series are something you like!(and for sure it can come true)

    I have to go into norweigian now..

    Disse apolykse seriene er veldig bra..Jeg har lastet ned bildet av den boken du nevnte og skal google den
    Jeg må lese hver kveld ellers så får jeg ikke sove..Jeg liker bøker om mennesker i ett naturskildret ødeland..Hvordan de greier seg med enkle midler..Hvordan de levde før i tiden..Historie er vidunderligt!
    Fra hele verden!

    Thank you very much for Nice reply!

    Hope all is good and well With Your lovely cat and yourself and Family

    It is Nice to follow you

    1. Your English is very good. Much better than my Norwegian. I had Mr. Google translate it for me. His Norwegian isn't very good either. :)

  2. Looks like interesting reading. I like books and movies about 'zombie' survival, but no zombies. Mostly I enjoy picking out what they are doing wrong or failing to do. I don't know if you could call me a survivalist but I'm prepared for a worst case situation. I have been preparing for years so that now I need only a few items to fill in my gaps. I have more fear of panicked and unprepared people than any bad situation. I was out for a bit yesterday and did not meet anyone who is concerned. I did casually ask a few if they were prepared and they didn't even know what I was referring to. In their minds it isn't here and tv told them it would "go away". Just incredible stupidity. I have two more quick errands and then I will be self isolating and cleaning my guns.

    1. Okay, your last line gave me a laugh. I'm the same with the apocalyptic books. I put myself in that situation. What would I do? Well NOT that!!


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