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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Lost Dog

Quartzsite, Arizona

This was taped up on the ice machine at the Roadrunner Market.
How do you set a price for a reward on your pet?  That's got to be an extremely hard decision.  I'd give literally anything to get my Beans back.  Then too, if you found this dog and was able to get it back to its owners, would you accept the $500 reward?  I couldn't.  Just seeing their happiness and relief would be all the reward I'd need.  If they insisted I'd tell them to make a donation to the local shelter.  "Designate if for the cats though."

As I was preparing to sit down and make up a couple blog posts someone decided to jump up and lay down on the table.  I guess the laptop will have to wait until later.


  1. She's been gone a whole month. I hope someone is looking after her, but if not, I dread to think what has happened to her. Fingers crossed that she is found and returned.

  2. That is just so sad about the dog. I hope they are able to find it in good health soon. It is good you put it on your blog. You never know, maybe someone will see it and be of help. I hope other bloggers will add it to their blogs, as well.
    Beans isn't shy about wanting attention. My old cat would throw herself down dramatically when she felt she was being ignored.
    We hit 50* here today. It has been below freezing for months so today we had some ice melting and it was glorious. Tomorrow is supposed to be -1*. With snow. I have cabin fever.


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