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Thursday, February 13, 2020

On Stake-out

(something's wrong with the first two pictures. owner error of the iPhone user - sorry)

Beans sat there for over an hour waiting for a lizard to reappear.
My, that is patience.

He never showed. 
 I felt so sorry for her.

But she does catch them now and then and usually they shed their tail, a survival technique. 
It is interesting to feel the nerves and muscle within the tail twitch.  It will do so for ten to fifteen minutes after breaking loose from the body.  If the tail were lying on the ground it would squirm about detracting the attention of the predator so the lizard can make good his escape. 
 It works as I've watched Beans lose lizards because of the tail moving about.

A lizard minus his tail.  I wonder if that hurts?


  1. Poor Beans. He misses his lizard friend.

  2. Beans is such a beautiful cat. She looks like me watching today's MRMBB333 video. Ha!
    Lizards are a highly evolved creature. It can't be easy to survive in that country where literally everything is out to kill you.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Miss Beans!


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