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Friday, February 28, 2020

Queen Beans

Yeah sure, lie right there. 
 I really didn't want to set my cup of tea on the table anyway.

At bedtime. 
Most every evening I have to slip a leg down each side.
Don't mind me Beans, I'll just take what available room that is left over.
And she doesn't move an inch either.

One evening I was lying there reading when all of sudden she jumped down and ran forward to look out her window.  Great!  I'll claim that vacated space.  But curiosity got to me and I wondered what it was she heard.  I got up, turned on the outside light and there was a cute little desert fox in our yard.  It had made no noise yet she heard something.  That cat has amazing hearing.


  1. hah hah hah I looove Your post!!I know all about cats and dogs taking over the bed hahaha
    just curious what are you Reading?
    Well in these Corona times it is good to view a good post and laugh a little!

    Happy day to you and kitty cat :))

  2. We are the servants of our cats, feed them, open doors for them, crawle them, comb them, what would they do without us!

  3. She generously left you a few square inches on the table for your cuppa tea. I know who is the boss in your little house.


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