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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Something's Missing

Quartzsite, Arizona

One day I had a hankering for a burrito.  There are three Mexican food stands I know of in town.   One guy had indoor dining and his burritos were priced at $10.  Down a ways was a lady with a covered eating area.  Her burritos were priced at $6.

 I ordered a carne asada with green sauce to go.  While she was preparing my burrito I could hear someone coughing in the kitchen just out of view. 
Hmm...is coughing one of the symptoms of the coronavirus?
This is the small.  It looked great and I was looking forward to getting into it.

First bite, mmm...okay.  Second bite, something's missing.  I looked closer...there's no cheese.  Then I noticed it seemed like the meat was ground hamburger, not grilled thin strips of steak.  I looked closer.  It was steak but ground up much finer than I had ever had in a carne asada burrito before.  And it was salty, more so than I would have liked.  

I ate the whole thing and when done was left with some disappointment and some indigestion.
The third stand is down the road from the Unwrapped Bacon Hot Dog guy. 
I'll give them a try the next time I have a hankering for a burrito.
I still have faith that one day I'll find some decent food in this town.
The quest continues.


  1. I wonder if you really get a better burrito for $10. That's about the going rate in my neighborhood in San Francisco, and I'm always happy and full after eating one.

  2. Beans is eating better than you at the moment! Maybe you could deep-fry some of those lizard tails.

  3. A good burrito is hard to find. You would think there would be more and better choices for food there with all that money rolling around.


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