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Monday, March 2, 2020

A New Sunshade

Well it is new in the fact that I ordered it back in October when we arrived here in Quartzsite.  I just never got around to setting it up until this weekend.  You can't rush some things you know.  This is a material called Aluminet.  It's is a weave of aluminum fiber.  I had one of these long long ago but gave it away.  Foolish I know but at the time I never dreamed I would be doing what I am now.
Whereas the black weave sunshade in the previous post is 8x10, this one I ordered 10x14.  As you can see that fourteen feet was a perfect fit for the length.

I use the brackets the destroyed awning was attached to which work great after I installed some eye hooks onto them.  The poles holding up the other end are from the awning and were for holding the awning up.  Had I staked them into the ground that day the wind probably wouldn't have flipped the awning up and over on top of the RV.  Fortunately the solar panels up there weren't harmed.  This sunshade having the aluminum netting really reflects the sun light away and you can definitely feel it cooler underneath.  It is is so many ways better than that awning except for only it takes a little bit longer to set up than rolling out the awning did.  But hey, what else do I have to do?  A good purchased which will withstand the wind and serve Beans and I well.

As for the black mesh sunshade I can use it on the other side if that side is facing the sun and it'll keep the sun off the refrigerator.  I also can hang it off the front of this sunshade to keep low level sun from coming in and cooking me in the late afternoons.

Here is your serving of Beans
She is looking at the sunset


  1. Neat solution to the problem of unwanted sunlight. Not a problem that is likely to bother me much in England for a month or two.

  2. That is a fantastic patio you have going there. All you need now is a pink flamingo!
    The photo of beautiful Beans is your best so far. I am sure she should be featured in a fancy cat magazine. ;)


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