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Sunday, March 1, 2020


We have been at this spot for just over a month now.  Its been nice.  Our closest neighbor is about a quarter mile away.  In all I can see five camps around us all much further away than that.  Last year in Quartzsite I lost the roll out awning in a sudden gust of wind.  I took it off and tossed it in the dumpster.  It was unrepairable unless I wanted to spend a couple hundred dollars for new extension arms.  Nope.  The thing was an annoyance anyway, never retracting all the way back in.  Now I just string out a mesh tarp for sunshade.  The wind was really whipping a couple of times and the tarp stayed right in place.  No way with the original awning.  The hood is up to deter rodents from getting in the engine compartment.  I never did catch that ground squirrel I caught tearing out the insulation.  I repaired his damage and he's not returned. The ant colonies are on each side of the carpet by the edge of the carpet.  Nice ants.  Usually the carpet is lengthwise along the RV but because of the ant colonies I laid it at a right angle to the RV.  Go ahead, you can laugh at me.  

Here she is.


  1. ohh those ants!!hah hah hah

    But lovely photo of Miss Beans(Now I know she is a Sheila)

  2. Your life is so free!

    It reminds me of my grandparents camping and traveling all over. 🌻


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