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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hoarding for the Apocalypse

Yes, I am guilty as all the rest.  But I have my priorities.
A box of toilet paper?

 Food for Beans.

Now you see where my priorities lie.

Thanks Dad for putting me first.
(thanks for the box too)


  1. No question as to who's in charge in your household.

  2. They are part of our family and we have to care for them, I bought one large pack of cat food for Sofietje too.

  3. So lovely!!Iam soo glad you take good care of Beans!She must love you very much and visa versa

    For two days now a Wild cat has climbed on my balcony and tries to get into my house With its little paws..I do not what to do bec i feel pity but everyone screames at me and say dont let the cat in
    I think many wildcats are out alone now
    well i have set a pled and some Food out to it

    Good post today!Iam smiling!
    So what do you eat?Grilled mix, barbecue?Hih hih I have not been out for a week and is hungry it is a giant slim time!

    see you!


  4. What a good dad you are!!! I'm sure Ms Beans appreciates all that you do for her.

  5. I am glad to see you have stocked up for Miss Beans while there are still available supplies. I had not heard of that brand before. I love the shot of Beans and her box. Have you ever tried cutting small holes in a few places so she can play capture when inside? My cat and I would play for hours doing that.


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