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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How Do They Do It?

Tuesday was the first day of four scheduled days of on and off showers.  Maybe some full-on rain too if I'm unlucky.  I try to line up some indoor projects to keep from going nut-so being inside all that time.  I have lots of reading material also.  But it gives me time to think and my thoughts turn to those who confine themselves inside almost everyday rain or shine!  Here are three close by us.

This lady is in a minivan with her little ankle-biter dog.  She's a heavy-set woman so I can somewhat understand her sitting inside all of the time except for the occasional moments I see her outside so her doggy can do his business.  The car is gone at every so often so she does go into town now and then.  Otherwise she's always sitting in the driver's seat.

Then there is this guy.  He's not going anywhere.  He has a flat tire.  His car is packed to the roof with who knows what.  There's just enough room for him to recline in the back on the driver's side. He is in there all day long and this has been for at least the week we've been at this new site so I don't know how long he's really been here parked like this. He has the long term sticker on his window so its safe to say he's been here all winter...reclining inside his car...every day.

Finally there is this lady.  I've seen her outside the car maybe twice rearranging stuff.  I don't think the car has left that spot in the week we've been here.  All the windows are blocked off to the sun and privacy.  She can't see out.  Think about how small it is inside and being in there every hour of the day and night.  Seriously, you could put this woman in solitary confinement and it'd be like a vacation to her.  How do these people do it?

Beans and I have 126 square feet of living space.  
Cabin fever starts to set in after the first day of confinement.


  1. The thought of living in the back of a car day in and day out makes me shudder. I get cabin fever too, being shut in after a day of rain, and I live in a 12000 sq ft house with a basement the same size.

  2. Sadness is the overwhelming feeling I get from these pics. Think of their health.

  3. I wonder if those people would get just as angry as the rest of us if they got stuck in traffic.

  4. How strange, cars are not comfortable to sleep in.

  5. I wonder how some of them are getting water and food and taking care of personal hygiene.
    My cabin is 660 square feet. Just fine for a single person but one other person in here feels crowded. Oh well, it is not an issue anymore as I have officially self isolated. I put all my ducks in a row so will be better off than most in the coming weeks.

  6. The guy with the flat tire bugs me the most. I wonder what his story is.


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