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Monday, March 30, 2020

Like Winning the Lottery!

I got a roll of paper towels at Family Dollar!  
One to a customer the sign read.  That was fine with me.

I saw a news bit about a Danish store having some hand sanitizer in stock on their shelves.  
The sign read: One bottle $4.09.  Two bottles $95.
Very smart! 

There was no toilet paper though.  I didn't need any.  In fact I had found two rolls stuffed away in the RV the other day.  That would be like finding a lost treasure except on the way here back in October I stocked up on supplies at a Walmart outside of Phoenix.  I had mistakenly bought a four pack of SINGLE-PLY toilet paper.  When I discovered my mistake later on I wasn't very pleased let me tell you.  But you know what?  A roll of single-ply lasts a very long time!

There was a lady ahead of me wearing a mask, one of the good ones, an n95 mask.  Just as I was finishing at the register some guy back in the line started coughing and hacking.  I grabbed my bags and bolted for the door.  As I was loading the motorbike the lady with the mask came back from her RV returning the shopping cart.  I told her "We got out of there just in time" adding about the cougher in line.  She said "That's why I am wearing this" pointing to her mask.  Boy I wish I had one of those I quipped.  As I was finishing up loading my purchases she came back from her RV to gift me a mask!  Not an n95 like hers but it was a kind gesture on her part nevertheless.  I appreciated it. 
 "Oh you're a sweetheart!" and I gave her a big hug.  

-just kidding on the hug part-


  1. What a kind and generous lady. She deserved a hug.... well, a virtual long distance pretend hug, those are the best kind at the moment. Well done on snagging the kitchen paper but sorry to hear about the single ply TP. Better than nothing I suppose!

  2. Hah hah I enjoy Your post so much!!I am laughing and probably will the rest of this monday thinking of what you Write hahaha!

    You know you could use a news paper just in need!(Some old ladies here in Norway told me to do so when -I complained no toilet paper!they always come back to the war and what they used back then )

    Well it is Nice to hear all is well With you..Here at my Place all is well too.As I told SC I will have an hour with sun at my Costa Balcony

    Big internet hug :)


  3. Thanks for sharing your sense of humor in all this, John!

  4. A non-flushable alternative to TP is coffee filters.


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