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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

New Neighborhood

I was facing filling up the water tank.  Then a few days later the propane would need filling.  I could do a proper grocery shopping trip, buying more than I could carry on Gracie.  So I decided to just go ahead, put camp away, load up Gracie and move to a new place when errands were done.  
We'd been at that camp location for over a month.

I ended up a mile and a half north from where we were.  This is the Tyson Wash Long Term Camp Area proper whereas we were out in the boonies from here before.

It has really cleared out with much fewer campers than before.  This will be good.  Beans and I need to be around people more.  She was real good with people coming around when I first adopted her.  But since being on the road and camping in isolated places a lot she's lost that quality.  Now whenever she sees someone, even way off in the distance she's on alert and high tails it back to her home.  As for Dad, he needs to not be so much of a recluse.  
So our time here should be good for both of us. 

Our new camp.  Beans likes it already.  New sights and smells.  I guess a cat can get bored exploring the same place everyday.  And she's already at ease with our neighbors across the road. 
 More on our neighbors in the next post.

Our back yard. 
 It looks like a low spot where water settles.  I think the rains are done so we're good.

Dad, I don't want to get up just yet.

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  1. Vel!Jeg syns du er flink med å bake maisbrød med enkle midler..Det var sikker t deiligt!

    Det blir sikkert fint å være i ett samfun igjen..Pusen venner seg nok til mennesker bare de ers snill med henne

    Jeg selv har rekende flere katter rundt balkongen min hver kveld..Men disse jakter på fugel i trærne

    Takk for fint innlegg-Det er artigt å se hvordan andre lever
    Snart blir det isolasjon for meg her i Norge.Vi er tom for doruller og mye mer--folk hamstrer!

    Vi får gjøre som de gjorde i serien The Immigrants med Liv Ullman..de hadde kun gress å tørke seg med hah hah

    Ha det fint og klem til pusekatten


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