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Friday, March 20, 2020

Oh the Madness

Even the little town of Quartzsite isn't immune to the hysteria going on.
The scene at Family Dollar.

All I wanted was one roll of paper towels.  That's all.  
Now I may wind up cutting my blue workshop paper towels in half.

Beans would never!


  1. I was wondering how far the madness of this world had penetrated - I'm not much comforted by the answer. Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Hah haha Your a fool you know that!!
    But no toilet paper hahahhahaha

    I thought you were safe there in the Wild!
    Hah hah Oh the Madness The End is near hahaha Where in Earth do you take that from t is funny said

    Ok stay happy Wild bush man

  3. That sign pretty much sums it up! We have a travel ban/mandatory shelter in place in CA as of today. I guess that's good if it will save lives and slow down the viral spread.

  4. Too funny but too bad the end isn't near but only just beginning. Growing up in west Texas we would often see a sign declaring "Bumpy Road next 40 miles". They weren't just kidding, either. I can remember some that would shake the fillings from your teeth.

  5. Oh crikey! The world has gone mad.


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