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Friday, March 6, 2020

Our Neighbors

There are over a half a dozen single middle-aged women scattered around where we are, all solo female travelers.  Across the road from us are two.  One in a minivan and the other in the even smaller Ford Transit.  No tents. 

This woman is probably the youngest, late 40's early 50's.
 I haven't seen her that close up yet.  Again, no tent.  Living inside.

This woman is in a small BMW SUV. 
She at has a small tent beneath a sunshade frame.

And there is this lady. She might be the oldest.
 A small pickup truck with a camper shell.  That's it.  Nothing else.

Lastly there is this lady.  She is 73.  What you see is all she has.
There are a couple others in minivans I didn't sneak pictures of.

This is not all that unusual.  A lot of solo female travelers are out here on the road full time for whatever reasons and I have heard all kinds of stories so I'll leave it to your imagination for now.  There are two main reasons they are all around the same area.  One is if you are "tent camping" which doesn't provided proper toilet facilities as does a RV or trailer you are required to camp within 150 yards of a long drop (pit toilet) and there are several scattered around the main camp area.  Secondly women will camp within sight of other campers for the security it provides.  They still may have to deal with the occasional creep nearby and if feeling uncomfortable they can always move.  But there's never any problems unlike if they were out in the boonies by themselves like we were or worse still in the city.
In case you are wondering, they are not homeless.  They are houseless and chose this life.
They are happy and free enjoying being a nomad.


  1. I understand safety in numbers and that you would feel safer in a vehicle rather than in a tent but it would be a rough life.

  2. Wow!! I cn not imagine living for a long time like that!!May be they are witches on their weekendly come togehter hahahaha

    I bet you enjoy yourself!

    Greetings Norway :)

  3. Those ladies are made of stronger stuff than me.


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