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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sheltering in Place

Recently I've had friends check in to see how we are doing during this lock down stay-at-home crisis.  Sheltering in place, social distancing, self isolation...this is a normal every day to day life style for me and many of those out here.  Nothing has changed.  We wouldn't even know anything was going on if it weren't for the news media.  Which brings me to the point of this post.   

As of March 20 the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control reported 26,686 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the United States with 340 deaths.  In comparison the figures for your garden variety flu cases for the flu season (we're in week 11 for the season) stands at       "...at least 38 million flu illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths from flu".

The only thing I see here is a higher percentage of death rate for the COVID-19. 
But a large majority of those deaths the patient had preexisting health issues and was elderly.   

So why all the hysteria, hoarding and pandemonium over the Coronavirus?  What am I missing here?  Educate me.  All that I can find out is that this new virus is a bit more easily contracted?  To me all this panic is the result of the news media stirring up a frenzy.  The real killer here seems to be the more commonly reported influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus.  
But we never hear about it.

Simple precautions is all that is needed. 
The very same precautions I take every day, all year long.

I asked Beans how she was handling it.
Social distancing?  Ha, cats invented that.

Avoid all contact with hoomans.


  1. I cannot argue with you on that, I feel the same as you. Most people in the UK who died have been from underlying health problems. I think you guys are lucky living how you do away from people mind you around here you see very few at the moment. They are staying at home as we are effectively lockdown. The oddest thing is not hearing so many plane fying overhead or cars on the road

  2. The problems, as far as I can make out, are as follows. Firstly the flu affects us every year and health systems are set up to deal with it; they expect an influx of people with flu at this time of year and plan accordingly. The Corona virus will cause a large number of EXTRA hospitalisations which the system will not be able to accommodate if nothing is done. Most of these people needing hospitalisation will recover if the are able to get treatment, however if the virus spreads unchecked then the system will not be able to find intensive-care beds for them and more will die. The flu victims who die are different in that everything has been done to try to keep them alive. Should the health systems become flooded with corona virus sufferers there will be knock-on effects; put simply if John Lee suddenly has a life-threatening condition there will be no room for him in the hospital.
    There are more factors worth considering. Because this virus has never been seen before NOBODY has any immunity, unlike the flu where most of us build up an immunity and are not too badly affected unless we become frail or have other complications. When I worked in care we had children with colds and flu every winter but I never caught anything as my immunity had built up over the years. The newness of the disease means that doctors and nurses will be much more likely to catch the disease and there's no vaccination available either. Of course other companies may also be brought to a standstill if workers are laid low, and there'll be more knock-on effects.
    You are not alone in your thinking; it's exactly where Donald Trump was a couple of weeks ago, till his scientists explained things to him. You might think there's no chance of it all affecting you where you are and I hope you're right. But, consider this: if news gets out on social media that there are no cases at all reported in the back-country of Arizona (I've no idea if that's true) then every elderly couple with an RV in the whole of the nation might start heading in your direction - something similar has happened on some remote parts of Scotland and Wales, areas where there are very few hospitals or other services to support them.
    I hope that puts things in context for you. I sincerely hope that Beans and yourself can ride out this potential storm, unaffected by all this, in splendid isolation. Take care, old friends.

  3. I should also have mentioned that all these restrictions introduced by governments are unlikely to stop the virus in its tracks, but with luck they'll slow down the spread so that there's less of a spike in the number of people catching it and needing to go to hospital, so that services will be able to deal with them. With luck it will also give time for science to come up with treatments or vaccines. Hope that clarifies things.

  4. Dr. John Campbell is a respected source of DETAILED information about Covid 19 which is NOT THE FLU. I have been listening to him every day since January. He has educated me and many others since the beginning and I urge you to check out his factual YouTube channel. I began to be alarmed in January and as I am already a self isolator, like you, I made it my mission to protect myself until this is over. I don't like the way the media has handled this and I would NEVER look to a news channel for any facts about anything. I agree with John that one of your area's problems will be the rv bug out bunch. The problem with the reported numbers is that the reported numbers are garbage numbers. If people aren't tested, there are no accurate numbers. Within three weeks we will be like Italy with people here dying at an amazing rate. Most of them will be members of the "it's only the flu" camp. In my 70 years I have been through he'll and high water with the lid off and outlived seven doctors who said I would die (not cancer) so I plan on being a survivor. As a wise woman once said, Hope is a piss poor plan". If you are serious about educating yourself, listen to Dr. Campbell. If not, better teach Beans how to take care of herself when you aren't there.

  5. P.S. The WHO would be the last organization to give any factual information as they would not even use the word pandemic until months after IT WAS A PANDEMIC. They have a political agenda. It would be akin to listening to trump for facts. My personal opinion, not presented by Dr. Campbell, is that Covid 19 is a bio weapon that 'got loose' either by mistake or by design. The current handling is by design in order to depopulate.

  6. Dear John.I dont know how to explain this situation..it is very bad, all in all..All I can say I agree very much With Penelope and John By stargoose
    Here in Europe we doctors and nurses have newly got a document that people over 60years will not get a treatment in respiratory when the pandemy really sets in.In Spain if you watch the News it is already done.So as well in Italy.But it is not only the eldery ones who many thinks will be the most of humans to get this pest .We have youth from nine years old With a majority from 40 to 50..years.None of them did have a sicknessbefore.No smokers.
    This is not a flu.It starts With a feeling of fatique.Then a Fever(37.5 to 38).Many gets a diarreah.Dry cough.Then you will be feeling a little bit better.For then to become really bad With problems to breath.Pain in chest.Then you will be hospitalized.Respiratory treated.Then it is up to God and Good Luck and Good doctors if you survive.No medicine has come up as a Cure but they try out different medicines they use on Ebola and Malari Plaquenil (anti rehumatic drug )seems to stop the virus a bit but not heal it..

    I will say to you.Go to the desert.Remind there.Live like the natives.For a year.I would do so if I could but since I am a nurse and work ona emergency hospital(Helse Bergen) I am not allowed.Righ now I am in carantene(Corona suspected confirmed) but soon in the nexT week I am called out on the Field again.
    If you are able to the net you can find info here

    So all in all take care and I must say I love Your post
    Sorry bad English
    Give Beans a warm hug and have fun


  7. I wasn’t too concerned until I started looking at the reported death curves for Italy and the U.S. In the words of BTO, you ain’t seen nothin yet. We have several people at heightened risk in our extended family. My 20 year old son needs help breathing at night due to muscular dystrophy. We aren’t panicking, but this is a big deal for many of us.

  8. I shared your point of view in the beginning, John, but this thing is not something I want to mess with. I'm fine at home but going to the grocery store feels like a kind of health crapshoot. We could all carry on as usual and take our chances, but that would be a really ugly scene, with hundreds of thousands dying, not "mere" tens of thousands. Plus my sister and brother-in-law are physicians, a niece is a physician's assistant married to a firefighter, and they are living in a kind of terror on the front lines. Stay safe out there!

  9. John, like you, we have bugged out to the desert. There are one million full-timer RVers in this country. I'm seeing lots of travelers going by after being kicked off government campgrounds. State and National Parks are closed which I think is very foolish since social distancing occurs naturally in those settings. Some RV parks are letting current guests stay but not accepting any new arrivals. We live day-to-day wondering if we will be asked to leave and where we would go. We have opted for 'splendid isolation' over medical care readily available. Some less than desirable desert dwellers are taking advantage so it's not at all relaxing away from the cities. In 6-8 weeks we will have to make a decision about leaving the desert before the temps get unbearable. We can't think that far ahead. We wish you well and good health.


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