A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

These Uncertain Times

I'd like to thank everyone for their enlightening comments to the Sheltering in Place post.
Basically, during the pandemic we've all become cats.  We avoid people, we stay indoors, stare out the window, get bored, take naps.  Yup, we're all cats now.

Normally I would be moving on right about now beginning another tour of the country.  But normal no longer exists.  I had a loose plan to head east through New Mexico into Texas, explore some new country there and maybe loop around in the South some.  But that is not happening now.

The last time I filled up with fuel was September 25 last year.  We arrived here in Quartzsite with a quarter of a tank left.  Only driving from one camp location to another plus a few trips into town I only used half of the remaining fuel over the winter months.  I'd be good until we were ready to continue our journey and would fill up then.  Now if you told me a month ago I wouldn't be able to buy toilet paper or paper towels at this time I'd think you nuts.  Who would have thought? 

Time for a new plan.  We and everyone else who bought a long term pass are good to stay here to April 15.  What happens after that is unknown.  For one, I've never been here past that date.  Two, I can't imagine BLM Rangers coming around running people off.  It's too large an area - over 11,400 acres. Too many people may choose to "shelter in place" here. Lastly there are like only a couple of Rangers for this whole area.  So I plan to stay put.  If we're evicted I will move south a few miles to the Free 14-day stay area where I've camped  in years past.  The camp host there is already gone so there is no way to get the free permit.  What can they do? And in a month or so beyond April 15 it will be getting pretty hot here.  When that happens we'll move to higher elevations north of here about a two hour drive and camp in the National Forest.

So I filled up now and eliminated any possible toilet paper like event with fuel.  I'm now good for over four hundred miles of travel. If we never leave Arizona I can still return to our winter home here in Quartzsite without buying more fuel.  After all I'm sure I could find someone to tell me now 
"In one month you won't be able to buy any fuel"  I wouldn't think them nuts. 

The morning I left for the gas station this guy was on the front tire.
That is an insect.  A walking stick.
Pretty neat!


  1. Wow!what an insect and sooo BIG!!!Wwow!!I have heard they eat ech other when mating!!Uff..the female cuts the head of the male when they are doing..bla bla bla..Uff..But Nice shoot!

    I think you do right in your Choice.Better be careful.Hope you have ascess to Internet though.Nice hearing from you:)Love that blue sky.Here we have fog and rain..uff..

  2. I wouldn't mind being a cat if it were not for that operation they perform on them!

  3. The stick insect is extremely handsome!
    You are right to stay where you are for the time being. Stay isolated for as long as you can. Stock up with whatever you will need for survival in the desert. John is correct that more and more RV people will be looking for isolation.

  4. Odd thing to find a stick insect. Good luck with your travelling

  5. I found this video on safely bringing food into your home useful.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjDuwc9KBps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjDuwc9KBps

    1. A very informative video. Thank you so much for posting it.

  6. I'm thinking this might make for a great sci fi movie... the pandemic quickly spreads around the world, and the urban areas are the hardest hit because it's hard to social distance. As the highly contagious pandemic spreads, the only people to survive are those living in campers and RVs in remote areas. Oh, and cats. They seem to have a natural immunity. Stay healthy!

  7. Better take a second look at the plan. National parks are closing everywhere and rv parks aren't accepting new people. Brewster County, Tx is closed to any traffic, and when Terlingua closes, it is dire. There are more than a million full time rvs on the road and no place to park soon. And if they do let you stay there, will there be water and food?

    1. I rarely go to State or National Parks. If I do it is just to visit. I never stay and camp in them. I would NEVER stay in an RV park not even in the best of times.

  8. I apologize for not taking more care in my comment. I was thinking more of a 'signs of the time's observation and certainly did not mean to suggest you were the sort of person who would stay in an rv park or national park.


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