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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A Nice Find

Someone threw away into the dumpster their homemade solar cooking oven for whatever reason.  I don't have the room to haul an entire solar oven with me and probably his homemade one didn't work all that well.  But the reflector panels I could use as a wind break for my Dutch oven.  I'll see how it works in this configuration.  I can always undo the hinges at each corner and remount them on the straight edge of each side panel.

Folds up nicely also.

I'll keep the cookie sheets I bought for they will still work for my camp stove.

Nice Dad. Now can I go back to sleep?


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  2. Well thats what I say You are are writer!!!May be i shall take a look at Your Ebooks!

    Well that was some of a finding!Homemade solar Cooking!!!Heh heh,,well sometimes one cant belive Our own eyes !

    I agree With Bean..Ohh I want to go to bed!

    I was working on the hospital all easter and now celebrating easter the Third day With Pinne kjøtt og Rapeballer Mmmmmmm!Need a nap now See you :))

    1. I think you might be the first to notice the eBooks along the side of the blog. Sorry, no prize for being the first. A post will show up on Thursday about the eBooks.

  3. raspeballer not rapeball lol


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